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5 tips for decorating the interior of your chalet in Courchevel

When you are looking at chalets for sale in Courchevel, you should start thinking about how you could decorate your own once you have bought it. Decorating a chalet for a skiing holiday can be fun and exciting, and it's an opportunity to make the premises reflect your own personality and style. In order to help you, here are five tips to make your chalet in Courchevel the home of your dreams.

Make the most of the wooden interior

Chalets in Courchevel tend to have a wonderful wooden interior, so make the most of it. Instead of covering the floors with rugs and the walls with pictures, why not just have a few, and let the wooden interior shine by itself? Try to match your wooden furniture with the colour of your walls and floors, and use wooden kitchen furniture and utensils where you can. All of that will add an authentic look to your chalet.

Create a warm atmosphere

Your chalet should be warm, welcoming and cosy, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to use calm, warm colours. It is best to keep a simple colour scheme, as the wooden interior will be the centre of attention. Creams and warm browns are therefore the most appropriate, with touches of dark red and orange. Try to use one or two basic colours in each room, with touches of different, more vibrant colours to give each section of the chalet its own feel.

The fireplace the heart of the decoration

If you have one, the fireplace will be one of the key features of your chalet. When you come back from a beautiful day on the slopes of Courchevel or Les Trois Vallées, you will want to sit by the fire, warm up and relax. Your fireplace will be the centre of your living space, so plan the room accordingly. Place a few comfortable armchairs and a coffee table nearby so you can sit around the fire. Try decorating the fireplace with family photos, keepsakes, and ornaments, and make the most of your firewood by stacking it in a stylish basket. Retro pokers and fire gloves are also great ways to give your fireplace a unique look. You can also hang a black and white painting of the mountains above your fireplace to bring a subtle touch to the room.

Make the living room comfortable

A chalet needs lots of soft, plush cushions, covers and rugs to make it a real cocoon. Scatter your rugs, especially in hallways and areas where people will be standing most often, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Cover your sofas and chairs with cushions and cloths, so that when you get home from a great session on the slopes, you can sit back and make yourself comfortable as soon as you walk through the door.

Organise the space in the chalet

If you want your chalet to look good, you also need to ensure that it is practical. Keep in mind that your chalet is going to take a lot of wear and tear - you will be going home with snowy boots and you have to store your ski gear, so make sure you have a durable and hard-wearing flooring. Avoid placing fragile ornaments near the entrance or where you store your ski equipment.

We hope this article has given you some good ideas for decorating your chalet in Courchevel.
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