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Pack your suitcase for a holiday in Courchevel

As winter approaches, more and more people are beginning to think about how and where to take their mountain holiday. Indeed, thanks to the reopening of the ski slopes, this year the high peaks and snow-capped peaks of the mountains are once more the ideal destination for those who want to get away during the winter months.

Booking a rental in Courchevel 1850 for your ski holiday is a must for those who want to spend a holiday in the unforgettable snow. To do this, it is important to pack your suitcase properly.

Choosing the right ski wear for Courchevel

The first golden rule for a ski holiday is to arrive at Courchevel well prepared and kitted out with the right clothes and equipment. In fact, weather appropriate clothing is a key factor in deciding what to take with you for a perfect ski holiday.

Dress in layers and choose suitable clothing.

According to the experts, at least three layers are essential:

· a breathable inner layer in contact with the body to combat perspiration,

· a middle layer to maintain body heat,

· and a waterproof outer layer to cope with changes in weather and rain.

Equip yourself with specific thermal clothing for snow sports and winter sports in general. The use of thermal fabrics will make it easier for you to cope with climate changes during your stay in the mountains.

The choice of jacket is essential to ensure an enjoyable stay. In winter, it is always best to choose jackets with waterproof protection for peace of mind, in case of heavy rain or sudden snowfall.

Choosing clothes for activities other than skiing

Going on a holiday in the mountains in winter is not limited to skiing and snow sports. In the Courchevel resort, there are many interesting activities to do: from hiking to visiting villages and tasting regional culinary specialties. You therefore should make sure to pack items for these moments.

· thermal clothing and underwear

· hat, gloves and scarf

· fleece jumpers or sweatshirts

· elegant attire for dinners or cocktails

· waterproof boots suitable for trekking

Ski equipment to pack

For those who decide to devote themselves to winter sports, especially skiing and snowboarding, skiing equipment is one of the essential things to take. That said, you may decide to rent everything you need on site when you arrive in Courchevel.

If, on the other hand, you are a regular at the ski resort and you already own your equipment, here is what you absolutely need to bring:

· skis or snowboard, snowshoes, possibly a toboggan

· a ski suit and après-ski footwear

· a helmet, sunglasses and waterproof gloves

· hiking clothing and thermal underwear